Bacteria – The Cause Of Heart Attacks And Strokes

According to American scientists, for the adoption of human solutions meet specific neural connections anterior cingulate cortex. In order to identify the key elements of neurons, experts conducted a series of experimental tests on ten patients clinic suffering from epileptic disorders. more

During the pilot study into the brain of every opponent physicians have implemented special electrodes, and then the man pulled Examination ticket on the table. Part of the ticket, on the table were not winning.

Opponents of participating in the experiment know it perfectly. When the experiment participants took decisions related to the choice of the examination of the ticket, the reaction showed only those types of neurons, which are located in the frontal part of the brain.

Thus, the scientists were able to very accurately determine what type of neurons is responsible for the decision to undertake. read

The joint efforts of the British and South African scientists completed the discovery of a rare, dormant bacteria, initiating in the human body a deadly virus. The authors conclude the sensational nature of the steel specialists Manchester Institute and highly qualified experts of the University of Pretoria.

During the study, scientists identified a form of bacteriological potential cause frequent heart attacks occurring in completely healthy person. How did you manage to establish a group of scientists, the molecular composition of bacteriological forms a provocateur blood clotting process. more info

This process is a fundamental factor in the formation of a number of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Scientists are concerned about the need to find the method of drug effects on the latent form of bacteriological threatening deprivation of human life.